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giclée prints

These limited edition, signed gicleé prints are printed with archival ink on all-cotton archival paper.
To enquire about the availability of a print for purchase, please contact Nick at [email protected].
All the Best! -Nick
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  • Stepping Out
  • On the Esplanade
    es∑pla∑nade - n.†† A flat open stretch of pavement or grass, especially one designed as a promenade along a shore.
  • Fly
  • Ride the Green Bird
    A tribute to Paul and Sheila Wellstone, made on the day of their tragic death. The Wellstones used a green school bus on the campaign trail, thus the green bird. carrying them to their next great adventure. Half of all proceeds from the sale of this print are donated to the Wellstone Action Fund.
  • At the Constellation Ball
    at the constellation ball, orion danced for one and all aquarius and taurus fell under lyra's haunting spell green and gold, red and blue, from the heads of hydra flew cetus swam into the mix, chasing draco and his tricks corvus shreiked a wild call - at the constellation ball
  • St. Nicholas Day
    If your wondering about the title, I drew this on a St. Nicholas Day, and my name is Nicholas. So there you are. Every December 6 this image is seen by many people who have googled "St. Nicholas Day". If you are one of those people, I apologize if this picture is confusing you. I assume that you are saddened, as I am, that St. Nicholas and St. Christopher are no longer considered saints by certain holy, roman, and apostolic institutions. If they're going to start messing with their myths, I think they should leave the nice ones like these alone, and be rid of some of the dangerous ones, like the myth of the virgin birth and the myth of the celibate priest. And why we're at it, let's make Pluto a planet again!
  • Skyhand
  • Puppet Feeds Itself
    My good friend Bill Kubescko pointed out that if you look closely at the scribbles on the top border of this image, you will see the words "corn nuts". I love it when people see things in these images, especially when I didn't intend them. It helps me understand my artwork a bit, which is nice, because frankly, you might have a better idea what these are all about than I do. As for the corn nuts, I've eaten quite a few of them over the years, back when I had youthful teeth.
  • Springman
    When Spring comes to Minnesota, anything might happenÖ
  • Palace
  • Inside the Hourglass
  • Passage to Alph
    Hats off to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who explored some wild places, so I wouldn't have toÖ
  • Twelve Nights in the Forest
    Twelve nights. The sum of my nightime experience in the forest. I had too many Hans Christian Andersen stories read to me in my youth to go for thirteen.
  • Objectory
    This piece was not influeced by Ivar Jacobson's object-oriented methodology. To be honest, I thought i had invented the word, but apparently Ivar got there first.
  • Mobilization
  • The Golden Road
    I've been asked where the golden road leads to, but I'm not telling.
  • Cat Grows a Tail
    Perhaps my allergy to cats is behind this fairly extreme exploration of these furry creatures.
  • When the Moon Sends Memory Through the Window
    Funny how the sun never sends memory through the window. Only the moonÖ
  • Forest Floor in August
    Folks tend to like this one because they can actually indentify some of the elementsÖ
  • The City is Built on the River
    Children in Minnesota can, on an average, spell the word Mississippi at an earlier age than children in any other state with the possible exception of MississippiÖ (private study)
  • Reverie
  • The Giants and the Egg
    We need more creation myths. Seems like people get hung up on just one these days, and they can't let go of it. I'm all for keeping a bunch of them around the house. They come in real handy sometimesÖ
  • Temple
  • Seven Statues - Minneapolis
    A proposal for a public works project in Minneapolis. I haven't presented it yet, because I'm allergic to filling out forms.
  • Breakfast Scene
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