Nick Lethert Images

Altan in JapanBirth of FireBotanyHiding HorseNight RiverOver His HeadPall of ShapesShirazThe Fold Unfolds

Cedar Series

These images are from a series of eleven framed prints created for an exhibition at the Cedar Cultural Center, an amazing center of music on the West Bank in Minneapolis. They are one of a kind prints in a series, which will not be printed in the same way twice, but will continue to evolve over the life of the series. Each print is framed and matted in a lovely 20" x 28" frame. These prints are based on my original pen and ink drawings, and have been adapted electronically and printed on archival materials to assure an optimal viewing experience which will be an excellent replacement for the television in any room of your house. Give us a ring, or drop us a line, or knock at the door, and we'll set you up with one of these fine keepsakes which will bring back fond memories of your visit to for many years to come.