CARDS 2007

A series of cards offered in 11 different sets. Each set contains four different cards, as pictured to the right.
You can click on the set numbers to see the different sets, and click on any image to see a larger image.
Each image is 2.25" wide, and is mounted to the front of a 4.25 x 5.5" card, which is packaged with an envelope in a cello packet.
To enquire about the availability of a set of cards for purchase, please contact Liz at [email protected].
Best Wishes! -Liz

These images are also available in signed and numbered editions on 4 different paper sizes.
For more info, please visit my editions page.

Click on thumbnail for larger image - click on numbers to see other 4-card sets.
  • 1a Valentines Flowers
  • 1b Healing Garden
  • 1c Dancing Leaves
  • 1d Eamonns Birthflowers
  • 2a Windflower
  • 2b Woodland Flora
  • 2c Lantern Flower
  • 2d Cone Flower
  • 3a Sweet Pears
  • 3b Fleurs Du Jour
  • 3c Zinnia And Cinnamon
  • 3d Good Medicine
  • 4a Kelp Woman
  • 4b Flying Home
  • 4c Sunbirds
  • 4d Atinas Garden
  • 5a Lapin Magique
  • 5b Firetree
  • 5c Sunflower Evening
  • 5d Raspberry Sky
  • 6a All About My House
  • 6b Morning Blessing
  • 6c Jeannie
  • 6d Flowertalk
  • 7a Pincushion Flowers
  • 7b Fireflower
  • 7c Castor
  • 7d Flower Pitcher
  • 8a Birdseed
  • 8b Clown
  • 8c Garden Spirit
  • 8d Cosmic Dancer
  • 9a New Years Day
  • 9b Love Song
  • 9c Dark Tree Sky
  • 9d Bird Dance
  • 10a Eve
  • 10b Connected
  • 10c Violet
  • 10d Woman On Mars
  • 11a Painting Poppies
  • 11b Woman And Flower
  • 11c P Stands For Paddy
  • 11d Juggling Junipers
  • Valentines Flower
    Special Valentines Series
  • Love Flower
  • Leaf Mandala
  • Finger Hearts
  • Heart Song
    Special Valentines Series: 'pink'
  • Love Song
  • Love Flower pink
  • Love Peas
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